The mystique of the rugged North Central Region of India comes alive at Mirchapur- The Untold Food Stories.

Mirchapur recreates the beauty of the Historical Royal Kitchens from the Nawab’s Courts. The rustic cooking techniques of tandoor, we bring to you delightful menu with delicious Tandoori Kebabs, Curries, Breads and Dum Biryani’s.

Showcasing the art of cooking on “DUM”, Mirchapur promises to take you back to the history of Khansama’s cooking methods over charcoal and wood fire. Like the nawabi culture from which it's drawn, the food style at Mirchapur is unpretentious and refined.

The slow cook from ‘handi’ seals all the ingredients to bring out their own juices and draw out the extraordinary flavors, aroma and extravagance of the food, distinguishing with its richness. With forgotten cooking styles like Gile Hikmat, Zamin Doz, Galavat and extensive use of Bhagona, Degchi, Mahi Tawa and many more experience a blend of both Mughlai and Awadhi cuisine, get ready to relish the velvety Galouti Kebabs to original Deg sealed Kormas. From Makkhan Fish Fry to Desi Tandoori Chicken relish your taste buds for bold flavours.

A heaven for vegetarians too, here at Mirchapur experience the Nawabi Soya Boti to Signature Challi ke kebab. Our Tandoori Kancha Aloo labeled as Aloo Banarsi Tikka will take your taste buds to a new level. A flare of culinary greatness, an undisputed pride of India. We bring to you the history of forgotten cooking styles and the aroma of rustic food like never before

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